What We Value

We strive, as broken people day by day to commit ourselves to three things in order to achieve our mission. That is know God, love one another, and serve the community.

Know God

Knowing God is vital for gospel transformation. When we look outside ourselves and look to God we see that we fall short of his glory. As much as we pretend to have it together we don’t. But we also come to know God’s plan to rescue his people. Out of his love, he sends his Son to rescue us from his wrath. Because of this we should be people day by day who grow to know God personally and intimately by picking up the perfect Word of God.

Love One Another

As we grow in our relationship with God our hearts should day by day beat along with his. How does his heart beat? With love for sinners. So we take up the command to love one another serious. We love everyone from our enemies to closest and most beloved friends. Why? Because this is what is modeled for us by Jesus.

Serve The Community

Our love should then pour out to our communities in word and deed. We should be gospel proclaimers and also show that the gospel has changed us. We seek the well being of our communities by evangelizing and making disciples. Our task is to make the invisible kingdom visible by our words and deeds.