We understand that giving to the Body of Christ is first and foremost an act of worship - for our own spiritual growth and for the building up of the Kingdom of God.  That can take place in a service with an offering plate, or at home at your computer, or when you balance your accounts.  Whenever and however you choose to give, remember to do it cheerfully, generously, and with a joyful heart, as you are responding to your Lord in worship. 

We understand that many people today do not carry cash or checkbooks with them.  So to give you more options for giving of your tithes, offerings, and gifts, we have made online giving available for everyone!  With your online account, you can choose how much and how often you would like to give in this way, and even change those options or cancel whenever you want.

About Payment Methods
Credit card transaction fees have become a significant expense for many organizations, including schools and churches.  While Community Church of Appleton understands the convenience of credit and debit card transactions, we encourage you to select the "Bank Account" payment method which uses your bank routing and account numbers to make your contributions to CCA.  This process (known as ACH) has a much lower transaction fee, which means that more of your donation will go directly to supporting the ministries of the church.