Currently the men of Community Church are involved in a leadership class that meets throughout the year. The goal of the class is life transformation to become the leader God intended. The focus of the class is on growing spiritually as well as building stronger leadership skills, along with accountability to others. 


The Women’s Ministry of Community Church of Appleton seeks to encourage and equip women of all ages to increase in their knowledge of God, build fruitful loving relationships and serve others joyfully, guided by the Spirit.

Life Groups

Our Life Groups serve as a way to encourage biblical community, which means to spur each other on to live godlier and holier lives. 

  • Our Life Groups are not  primarily small groups, but they tend to be small.
  • Our Life Groups are not primarily Bible Studies, but they do go through the Bible.
  • Our Life Groups are not primarily service programs, but they are designed to serve the community.
  • Our Life Groups are not primarily evangelistic crusades, but they do involve seeking out the lost.

Our Life Groups are designed to deepen the relationships of the body of believers at Community Church throughout the week, while spurring on deeper discipleship,  accountability, and love for Christ. 

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